Vegan Leather Production

Apple Leather Production

Apple leather has become popular in the production of sustainable leather products in recent times. This particular type of leather is made from leftover materials from the apple processing industry, offering a more environmentally-friendly option compared to traditional leather production. Apple leather provides an excellent alternative in leather products with its durability and aesthetic appeal while also serving the purpose of preserving nature. This innovative material has the potential to be a significant part of sustainable fashion.

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Our manufacturing plant is located in Istanbul Turkey has made wholesale leather products

We produce our products using apple waste generated by the juice and applesauce industry. By utilizing this waste, we avoid the need to plant or harvest additional apples exclusively for our products. Furthermore, this approach provides an additional source of income for farmers through the utilization of their waste materials and contributes to the protection of ecosystems.

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Our manufacturing plant is located in Istanbul Turkey has made wholesale vegan products

Olive Seed Leather Production

Olive Seed is a product specifically designed for the textile and leather industry, and it is 100% vegan and sustainable, as it is entirely plant-based. It is the outcome of extensive research carried out in collaboration with leading universities in Turkey.

Olive Seed is manufactured using more than 10 patented formulations developed by local R&D and production teams, and it excels in various applications involving leather and synthetic leather while minimizing its environmental impact.

This remarkable product, adorned with numerous awards, contributes to a more eco-friendly future by reducing carbon emissions, water footprint, and the utilization of harmful chemicals.

Tea Leather Production

Tea leather production is an innovative and sustainable approach to creating eco-friendly leather alternatives. This process involves using tea leaves or their byproducts to generate a material that closely mimics the texture and appearance of traditional leather.

Through a combination of natural tannins found in tea and other eco-friendly agents, the tea leather undergoes treatment and processing to enhance its durability and flexibility. This emerging field not only provides a sustainable solution for the fashion and textile industries but also contributes to reducing waste in the tea production process.

Tea leather production aligns with the growing demand for ethical and environmentally conscious materials in the fashion world, offering a promising avenue for sustainable and stylish products.

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Our manufacturing plant is located in Istanbul Turkey has made wholesale tea leather products

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